White Squirrel Note Cards, Christmas Cards, Postcards, Photo Gift Book, and DVD's

(All images were taken in Brevard and Pisgah Forest, North Carolina and are copyrighted by Don Weiser)
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White Squirrel

Yes Virginia, there really are White (not albino) Squirrels. To read about the history of the Brevard, NC White Squirrels click on:
The White Squirrel Legend


White Squirrel Note Cards

Note Card


White Squirrel Christmas Cards

Christmas Card


White Squirrel Postcards



"The White Squirrels of North Carolina" Photo Gift Book

(Now available in stores AND on E*BAY!)

Photo Gift Book


White Squirrel DVDs

(Now available in stores AND on E*BAY!)


White Squirrel Note Cards available in assorted sets of four.
White Squirrel Christmas Cards also available in assorted sets of four.
Examples of each are shown above.

Please email me for availability and prices or contact the following stores here in Brevard.

My Note Cards, Christmas Cards, and postcards are available from these fine stores in Brevard, NC:
The White Squirrel Shoppe, 2 West Main St. 828-877-3530
D D Bullwinkels, 38 South Broad St. 828-862-4700
Hunters and Gatherers, 40 W Main St. 828-883-3709
Highland Books, 480 North Broad St. 828-884-2424

And on the internet at these fine stores:
The White Squirrel Shoppe
Hunters and Gatherers

"REWARD, Lost Cat, The Search For Spock"
My new book is available as an Ebook or in paperback from Booklocker.com
Also available from Highland Books, 480 N. Broad St., Brevard, NC 828-884-2424
Thank you.

I found a beautiful star to appear in my videos with no political agenda who works for peanuts.
Available now, "The White Squirrels of Pisgah Forest, NC" on DVD and VCD (Video Compact Disc) with over 200 white squirrel photos and music, $10.99 plus shipping.
My DVDs play in all Region 1 DVD players and my Video Compact Discs play in computer CD-ROM drives and in most DVD players.
My White Squirrel DVDs and VCDs contain a slide show of over 200 digital images of White Squirrels in Pisgah Forest, NC.
Pisgah Forest is just outside Brevard, NC.
Most of the pictures were taken using a digital four-megapixel Olympus C-750 camera.
Nature sounds recorded from my deck were used as background music and include birds singing and two brooks babbling.
A Marantz PMD670 digital sound recorder and two Rodes mics were used to capture the sounds.

Several White Squirrel videos below are free to view, click on any of the links.
Several of my videos are also free to view on YouTube at:

The following videos require Quicktime Video Player and some patience while each video clip downloads.

NEW! Whitey in tree eating peanut (WARNING - large file)

Hey, give me that peanut!
Whitey, curious about the camera
Hi Whitey - Bye Whitey
Whitey savors a peanut on the deck

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